Mall branding in Bahrain



Mall Branding Bahrain

We have seen the marketing experts looking for some quality execution of their brilliant ideas when it comes to mall branding. They need to keep the standards high by not only attracting the visitors, but also impress them with quality output.

Mall Branding can include various digital printing services under one roof. For instance, building hoarding from gypsum board and covering the under maintenance shops. These hoardings are then branded with printed vinyl or any other material. We can handle both the tasks with ease and perfection.

There are some of Our Services that may be of your interest. For example, Flags Printing & Installation and 3D Signs & Fabrication.

Please note that we will be uploading our portfolio on this page shortly. Until then, feel free to get in touch with us using the form below. Thank you!


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Mall Branding Service Bahrain



Shopping mall advertising provides access to a captive and desirable audience of consumers already primed to spend money.  Capitalize on slow-moving foot traffic and get your message noticed with mall ads in locations such as:

  • mall and parking garage entrances
  • anchor stores and their entrances
  • escalators and elevators
  • food courts
  • concourses
  • play areas and sitting areas


Types of Mall Ads:

  • store directories
  • kiosks
  • wall-mounted and free-standing displays
  • electronic billboards or screens 
  • escalator/elevator wraps
  • mall billboard ads, murals and posters
  • banners
  • floor graphics


Kiosks are traditionally among the most popular format of mall advertising for their ability to turn heads and engage shoppers.



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