Retail store gondola shelving units is the most popular retail shelving systems for every grocery, store, supermarket, pharmacy, hardware store, discount store, convenience store and so on. Retail store shelving is a heavy duty metal shelving system that is designed to display a wide range of items.

Our Steel gondola shelving is available in many sizes, so you have the flexibility to choose the depth and height according to your needs. we can help you select from a choice of fantastic shelving colors to add appeal to your store, available as a special order. We also produce many clever gondola shelving accessories to further organize your store.

Gondola shelves species have double-side island shelves, single-side wall shelves, end cap shelves, Several shelves units can be connected in a row.

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Mall Branding Service Bahrain

Shopping mall advertising provides access to a captive and desirable audience of consumers already primed to spend money.  Capitalize on slow-moving foot traffic and get your message noticed with mall ads in locations such as:

  • mall and parking garage entrances
  • anchor stores and their entrances
  • escalators and elevators
  • food courts
  • concourses
  • play areas and sitting areas

Types of Mall Ads:

  • store directories
  • kiosks
  • wall-mounted and free-standing displays
  • electronic billboards or screens 
  • escalator/elevator wraps
  • mall billboard ads, murals and posters
  • banners
  • floor graphics

Kiosks are traditionally among the most popular format of mall advertising for their ability to turn heads and engage shoppers.



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