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Plan Printing

A0, A1, A2, A3 Plan Printing – Printed, Folded and Delivered

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Architects regularly to use our service to print and send hard copies of proposals to their clients. With the advent of PDF files, Architects no longer need to print several drawings each week and therefore cannot justify the cost of maintaining a large format printer. Instead, Architects now send paperless copies in seconds to contractors, estimators and local authorities. However, when presenting proposals to a client, hard copy plans remain a favourite.


Estimators and Quantity Surveyors use printed plans to measure, take off and make notes as they proceed with preparing bills of quantities. Printed plans make it quick and easy to scale from when preparing a bill of quantities. A1 plans get used regularly for detailed drawings, and now that Architects issue plans mostly in PDF format, it is up to the estimator to select which plans require printing. Online plan printing provides a quick and cost-effective solution for the estimator.

Specialist Contractors

Builders and Contractors require printed plans for quick and easy reference. A well-defined drawing can be pinned on a wall or laid out on the floor. A typical example is an electrical layout. An electrical plan will show a contractor where to position wires, holes, trunking and other services, including fixtures and fittings. Electrical layouts are often colour A1 plans which clearly show design intent. Specialist Contractors are increasingly using our services to send plans directly to the site from head offices.

Why Print Plans Online?

Online plan printing gives you the tools to print and send A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 plans directly from your computer, mobile or tablet. Using our online plan printing upload tool, select the paper size, scale of the print, colour or black and white and the number of copies. You have the option to send plans direct to edit Link a client, contractor or local authority. The most common paper size for drawings provided by Architects, Engineers and designers are A1. A1 plans are easy to handle, simple to store and provide a great way to communicate design intent with clients and contractors. Detailed A1 plans will often display colour to assist with clarity and identifying key details. If an A1 plan does not provide sufficient space, A0 plans are the next size up. A0 plans get generally used for site plans and low use drawings such as key layout plans. A0 plans are large and not comfortable to handle and therefore tend to be used less for on-site work, and more for in-office review. For smaller works, A2 plans offer a more modest alternative. A2 plans are smaller in size than both A0 and A1 and are used commonly for presentation, electrical layouts and interior design. Householder planning application drawings often are presented on A3 plans due to the small scale nature of the works. It is, however, common to see both existing and proposed layouts displayed on a single A1 plan. Planning application drawings generally use colour to present design intent clearly and show the contrast between materials.

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At Print MAX, we specialize in designing signboards and banners for exhibitions and other public events. We ensure that our designs stand out from the rest, without deviating from the professional  demeanour of your event.
Such events open up new avenues to meet with new potential clients and investors and it is important that your business showcases itself in its most presentable state. We make sure that our designs adheres to your design specification, thus ensuring that the event adheres to your requirements.
Attending these events will enable you to make new contacts, and reach out to newer demographic thus making for an excellent outreach.

PrintMAX offers pioneering and creative digital printing services. We offer a full range services, which includes creative design, prepress, printing and custom finishing, thus ensuring that the prints adhere to our client’s stylistic needs.
We use world-class machinery in order to deliver high quality prints in record time. Our staff is equipped with the right knowledge to operate these advanced machinery, which enables us to deliver on time very time even when under immense work pressure. We are equipped with both dry and wet toners for our digital printing processes, thus resulting in a customized finish on all our prints.
Our innovative work methods and printing equipment makes our services economical for both large scale and small scale printing needs.

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A well designed menu is an integral part of any restaurant. Your menu is one of the first things that your customers will see when they enter your restaurant. A well designed menu entices your patrons to try your new dishes and experiment with their order. A restaurant menu should be designed to impress your clients.
Our designers help create the right kind of menus that suits your restaurant style and ambience. We work closely with our clients to understand what they expect from their menu design and strive to deliver the right design features that meets their expectations. Hiring our services will free your time and efforts towards other productive aspects of setting up your new restaurant.

We design and produce quality custom sign boards that is suitable for your enterprise and your marketing needs. Our staff work closely with our clients from the inception fo the idea to the final delivery, ensuring that the signs are designed in accordance with our client’s needs.
We deal in all kinds of architectural signs, LED signs, Indoor signs, outdoor signs, and other related sign boards for corporate and commercial needs. As a company that puts innovation in high regard, we make sure that the sign boards meet modern design and quality standards, thus setting them apart from their contemporaries.
We take special care in differentiating between indoor and outdoor signage, thus ensuring optimal performance, quality and long shelf life without degrading over time.
At PrintMAX, we provide a full range customized signage solutions to make your advertising and promotions effective. We supply good quality sign board services that helps establish a corporate image that supports your marketing needs.


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Excellent quality printing, on time and at a fantastic price!

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Thursday, 08 Jan 2017 12:15

The office answered my query quickly. Printing turned around fast and delivered as promised.

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